Your shopping is full of coconut... from farmers who don’t receive a fair wage for it.

Sound the coconut alarm!
  • You unwittingly eat a couple of kilos of coconut each year: hidden in ice cream, biscuits and even coffee creamer. While coconut farmers don’t receive a fair wage. We’re going to do something about that! Join us and let your coconut alarm be heard below!

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Fairfood is committed to fairly-produced food

Kokosnoot blij

Fairfood is dedicated to ensuring a living wage and fair prices in the food industry. That is very much needed, because there’s a lot going wrong unfortunately. However, together we can solve this.

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We want fair coconuts

Right now we are focussing on our coconut campaign. A fair price is hardly ever paid for the coconut in our food. We believe that this needs to change. We want to show the size of the problem and contribute to the solution. That is why we imported our own coconuts from Indonesia - for a fair price.

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