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Moyee: a blockchain for Ethiopian coffee 05/08/2018

Coffee label Moyee is reinterpreting existing coffee chains. By roasting and packaging their coffee in the same country where it is being produced, Ethiopia, Moyee is leaving more of the profit made in the local economy. Using blockchain was nothing but a logical next step: transparency to prove made claims. 

Moyee invited Fairfood to map their coffee supply chain. Together with Bext360, we built a platform on which all stakeholders in the chain – farmers, roasters and of course the consumer – can access the data that was logged for the coffee. Moyee can use this data to get a better understanding of the supply chain and to identify possible inefficiencies. At the same time, the consumer can access information about quality and origin.

As soon as the coffee is logged in the system, cryptotokens are being created for each batch. These tokens represent the value of the coffee. Together with the actual coffee, the tokens move through the supply chain, simultaneously with the coffee increasing in value, for example when the coffee is roasted or packaged. This way a batch can be traced back all the way to the farmer, at any given time in the production process.

Fair price

Moyee claims to sell coffee for which the farmer received a fair price. To validate this claim, Fairfood designed a digital system that enables the farmer to confirm whether or not he received an agreed upon price from the collector of his coffee. This happens either through sms or a digital finger print. This way the consumer can verify if Moyee’s claims are actually true, by scanning a QR-code on the packaging.