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Colombian coffee: transparency from tree to cup 05/10/2018

After proudly putting coconut on the blockchain in 2017, we decided to do the same for 100 kilograms of Colombian coffee during the Summer of 2018. In this project, two claims were made visible for the consumer to verify: good quality and good price. 

Together with partner ID Coffees and Bext360 we logged 100 kilograms of excellent quality Colombian coffee on the blockchain. With the application we built, consumers could track their coffee up until the farmer who grew and harvested it, and see how much he or she was paid for it. The quality of the coffee was verified during a so called cupping session, of which the results were also logged on the blockchain. We hope the project will serve as an inspiration for the coffee industry. The interface for this application can be viewed here.

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This pilot project was an important part of our coffee campaign, the WAKEcUPCALL. That campaign was for the millions of smallholder coffee farmers that live a life in poverty, below the poverty line of 1,60 euros a day. In countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Peru they earn the very least. A common difficulty that these small-scale farmers face is being forced to borrow money under unfavorable conditions. This prevents the farmers from having any savings. A detrimental result of this is they then lack access to medical care, due to their inability to pay their medical bills or afford transportation to visit doctors and medical clinics outside of their villages. This pressing economic situation also results in child labor and the excessive use of pesticides.