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Webinar 16 January: self sovereign digital farmer identities 02/12/2019

On the 16th of January 5PM CET the second Blockchain for Agri-food webinar will take place where we talk with Puvan J Selvanathan from Bluenumber and Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt from The New Fork on how blockchain can help farmers build up a digital self-sovereign identity. 

In our last joint blog post, we examined how blockchain allows farmers to build up a digital ID. Bluenumber offers a ‘user centric’ digital identity solution for smallholder farmers, but without the use of blockchain.

So, why and when is blockchain technology actually useful?

During the webinar, we will answer this question together with Bluenumber’s identity expert Puvan J Selvanathan, blockchain expert Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt from The Fork.

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What we covered in this webinar…

✔️ How blockchain can help smallholder farmers create a self sovereign digital identity
Learn from experts why access to identification is crucial and how new technologies can help realise this.

✔️ Case study: a digital identity for everyone
Learn from Puvan J Selvanathan how Bluenumber helps smallholder farmers gain access to basic services.

✔️ Expert discussion: why and when to use blockchain for identification and data ownership
A discussion with Puvan and blockchain expert Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt from The Fork on when and how to use blockchain for identification (and when not!).

✔️ Expert panel: on smallholder farmer identification and digitalisation
An interactive panel session during which you can ask the speakers anything you would like to know on the subject.

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