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Webinar 5 March: the future of food supply chains 06/02/2020

On the 5th of March, 5PM CET, the third Blockchain for Agri-food webinar will take place. During this session, we will talk with Chris Georgen (Topl) and Gideon Kruseman (CGIAR) about what the future of food supply chains could look like with blockchain technology.

What would supply chains look like if companies would be connected and data flows freely?

What would our food system look like if we move from a “push” to a demand based ​​​​​​”pull” economy?

What if you could invest directly in the farmer that produces your coffee, and get paid back in traceable coffee?

What if your tokenised digital batch of products could be used to get access to finance instantly?

These are the questions we will answer on the 5th of March together with  founder of Topl, Chris Georgen, and agri-food and blockchain expert Gideon Kruseman (CGIAR).

Hope to see you there!

✔️From a push economy towards a just in time, zero waste pull economy
Learn about the larger trends behind the shift in food systems

✔️Case study: blockchain enabled agri-food transparency & chain optimisation
Learn from agri-food and blockchain expert Gideon Kruseman (CGIAR) how blockchain can optimise agri-food supply chains

✔️Case study: supply chain finance transformation with smart assets and impact credits
Learn from founder of Topl and quantum researcher Chris Georgen how smart assets and impact credits can transform supply chains

✔️Expert panel: what will the future of food supply chains look like?
Ask questions and interact with our speakers during an expert panel in which we will discuss what the future of supply chains could look like

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