Fair tech

At Fairfood, our mission is to make our global food chains more sustainable. We aim to do so by using innovative technology such as blockchain technology. We believe that good food starts with transparent chains. Only when we know where our food comes from and who is involved in its production, can we tackle issues like unfair trade.



Blockchains for good

Blockchains hold the potential to make our food supply chains more transparent. Especially when we include small-scale farmers and consumers as active participants in these chains. Fairfood therefore contributes to the development of the ecosystem and the technology required for inclusive blockchains in the food sector.

By using a blockchain application, the farmer can see where his or her product is going. The consumer also learns where his or her food comes from and food companies gain a better understanding of the structure of their supply chains. The next step for members of the supply chain is to tackle inefficiencies and possible issues in the supply chains. Together we can work to create more sustainable food chains. 

Download: our whitepaper about blockchain for good