Tracing food, farm to fork

Working towards sustainable food chains, starts by knowing where your food comes from. Fairfood offers tech solutions that enable food businesses to improve their responsible business practices. With our traceability platform, we bring more transparency to food chains, starting by tracing products from farm to fork. We actively engage all chain actors, ultimately contributing to the socio-economic prosperity of farmers and food workers.


Uncover the human fingerprints on your product

We enable food companies to discover their chains, and create and share trustworthy stories about their products, so they can add and share value and set socio economic ambitions.

Discover your chain

Our platform connects all supply chain partners. Together with these partners, you can log every single transaction related to the production of your product, in order to trace it from tree to plate.


Verify brand promises

Verify brand promises related to the people behind your products. We have a set of claims in our digital library, on topics as described in the UN Guiding Principles and the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines.


Set socio-economic ambitions

With substantiated knowledge of your chain, the platform allows you to set realistic goals to further drive socio-economic improvements, and potentially reevaluate profit distribution.

Engage your customers

Consumers are an integrated part of the platform. By scanning a QR-code on your product, they have access to an interface that takes them back to the origin and connects them with the people behind their food.


Use case: back to the origin with Verstegen

In 2019, Verstegen Spices & Sauces proved to be a frontrunner when they adopted our technology and traced their nutmeg from farm to fork. On a customised interface, they told their customers the fair story. What we did:

✔️ Train employees and supply chain partners to use the platform

✔️ Discover and on-board supply chain partners to the platform

✔️ Trace the nutmeg and display the journey in an interface

✔️ Build custom modules to verify custom claims for the nutmeg

✔️ Customise an interface to Verstegen’s needs

✔️ Advise on the implementation and storytelling of the project

✔️ Carry out living income research in order to set socio-economic ambitions 

Discover other use cases

What an honest and sincere outcome of the project. Very beautiful what we are doing. I hope it will get a nice follow-up.

- Michel Driessen, CEO Verstegen

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Why blockchain?

Because we make use of blockchain technology, users of the platform can be sure that all information displayed, originates directly from the supply chain stakeholders involved and can’t be altered by anyone. Download our report if you want to learn more about the potential of blockchain for agri-food:

Download: our whitepaper about blockchain for good