Since the Industrial Revolution, ever more complex food supply chains have been created to manage the increasing flow of raw materials and goods needed to feed the rapidly growing world population. In the coming 40 years, we’ll consume as much food as in the last 8.000, so the pressure on our food system is only set to increase.

Unfortunately, complex chains typically lack transparency, leaving room for abuse, fraud and negligence that put our food system at risk and make it difficult to respond to problems adequately and in time.

Blockchains have great potential to increase the sustainability of food supply chains, especially if they include smallholder farmers and consumers as supply chain actors. Fairfood therefore intends to co-develop the ecosystem and technology that will lead to inclusive blockchains for food. We were the first in Holland to put a food supply chain on the blockchain – check our super fair coconut here. In this paper you’ll read exactly what we believe blockchain can do for the food system. On this page we’ll keep you posted on developments and our contribution.

Recently, Verstegen Spices & Sauces and Fairfood launched their mutual ‘Back to the origin’ blockchain project to make the production of nutmeg transparent.

By recording each step between tree and plate with blockchain technology, Verstegen is working together with Fairfood to create a transparent and inclusive nutmeg chain, all the way from Indonesian Sangihe Islands to The Netherlands. Ultimately, the transparent chain must give the farmer and consumer greater involvement. The farmer strengthens his or her position by gaining new knowledge about the chain, while the consumer gains insight into price agreements and quality claims. Additionally, research into the level of a livable income on the Indonesian Sangihe islands will be carried out. Read more about this project here.

Previously, together with ID Coffees and Bext360 we put 100 kilograms of coffee from Colombia on the blockchain. You can see the journey of the coffee right here.

Every second Tuesday of the month, we host the event Food Integrity Blockchained. For tickets and info, click here.