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At Fairfood, we don’t stop at spotting an issue – we take it one step further and actively contribute to the solution. Our solutions for a fair supply chain take on the form of innovative tools or that of knowledge platforms that help align different stakeholders in agri-food. They all have one thing in common: they are widely available, so everyone can start and make a difference.

Our solutions


Who are the people behind your products? How are they doing? Trace helps companies answer these questions while they trace their products all the way back to the farmer. Did someone say storytelling? Yes, that too! On an interactive page, consumers are allowed to dig through the history of the product.

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ALIGN guides companies once they have set themselves the ambition to realise living wages and incomes in their food supply chains. The platform offers a clear overview of research, tools and potential partners. The main goal of ALIGN: reducing the complexity around the topic and offering guidance and resources for the steps that are yet ahead.

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Living Wage Lab

Together with Hivos, we started the Living Wage Lab. The Lab helps companies in the agri-food sector to find solutions for the payment of a living wage in their supply chains. Companies are often not able to solve the problem of low wages alone. That is why the Lab brings together representatives from government, trade unions, producers, retailers, NGOs, certification agencies and researchers in order to come up with solutions together.

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