The Living Wage Lab

Fairfood started the Lab, together with Hivos, in order to help companies in the agri-food sector to find solutions for the payment of a living wage in their supply chains. Agri-food companies are often not able to solve the problem of low wages alone. That is why the Living Wage Lab brings together representatives from government, trade unions, producers, retailers, NGOs, certification agencies and researchers in order to come up with solutions.

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Change Lab

The Living Wage Lab is a platform for co-creation and experimentation: just like in a laboratory, we test ideas and try out combinations in order to jointly arrive at new ideas and prototypes aimed at tackling the living wage problem.

The Lab follows the approach of the ‘change lab’: a social innovation process in which stakeholders work together on a complex problem. Solutions are found in new technologies, new policy, new business models, and other forms of cooperation. Are you interested? Visit the website and let us know!