What we do

Many of the people who produce our food, go to bed hungry themselves. Fairfood stands up for these people. Our ideal picture: all the food on our plate is produced by people who can live in dignity, where the environment is respected and everyone profits both socially and economically. We understand that a solution isn’t simple, but we believe that everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions. Supermarkets, leading brands and food processing companies should guarantee a living wage to all people in the food chain – also those at the beginning thereof. That’s what we are working on.

Fairfood wants our food chains to be more transparant, so we can guarantee the people behind our food earn a living wage


Blockchains have great potential to increase sustainability of food supply chains, especially if they include smallholder farmers and consumers as supply chain actors. Because then we can all see where our food comes from, and who earned how much with it. Fairfood therefore intends to co-develop the ecosystem and technology that will lead to inclusive blockchains for food.

The Living Wage Lab

The Living Wage Lab is an initiative of Hivos and Fairfood. In this lab we sit down with different actors in the agri-food sector, to work on solutions when it comes to paying a living wage.

More on the Living Wage Lab